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DEC 15, 2021

Welcome Racers & Crew Members:
CSRA has finalized our plans for the 2022 Snowcross race series. We have (9) race weekends scheduled.
We are excited about the 2022 race season however everyone needs to understand that we are still being guided by Provincial and Local Health Unit protocols that may be different at each event. We all need to be prepared for ongoing changes that may limit what we can do and how we operate our events. The health and safety of all our racers, crew members and staff is the number one priority.
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NOV 1, 2021

Racers & Crew Members:
On behalf of Canadian Snowcross Racing, we welcome you to the 2022 racing season. This newsletter represents general information regarding our CSRA racing classes, rules and safety requirements. If you are a new competitor interested in trying Snowcross racing for the first time, or a experienced racer, this newsletter will provide you with the necessary information to get you started racing at our events this winter.  read more…

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