Realm Racing visits Georgian Downs, Innisfil Ontario

Realm Racing visits Georgian Downs, Innisfil Ontario

Mar 1, 2017

Georgian Downs in Innisfil, Ontario was the site for CSRA Rounds 5 and 6. It’s a great venue that allows fans the opportunity to watch either inside behind the glass staying comfy and warm, or venture out into the cold to battle the elements and smell the exhaust fumes as sleds pass by.

This past weekend’s unseasonably warm temperatures, sunshine and blue skies were a welcomed treat except for the deteriorating snow conditions. With daytime highs of 8°C the CSRA had to work hard to keep the track in decent shape. Both our riders sustained minor injuries, Meghan wore her bars in the chest knocking the wind out of her, and Lindsey landed hard twisting her ankle while riding under some rough track conditions. The girls continued to push through the minor inconveniences and finish all of their races this weekend.

Saturday’s racing during the first heat of Junior Girls had Meghan fighting hard for a top 5 spot for the entire race and narrowly missing it finishing up 6th while Lindsey followed up close behind in 7th.


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